Triad-Orbit TM Triad Mini Tripod Stand – Professional system w/ adjustable legs & quick-change mount


– Miniture tripod stand great for tight spaces and low profiles
– Adjustable ratcheting legs for easy positioning, stacking and leaning
– Solid metal construction for maximum stability, weight and strength
– Extremely strong and comfortable industrial-grade height adjustment clutches
– Includes IO-H1 quick-change 5/8″ microphone mounting head and 3/8″ adapter
– Perfect for kick drums, combo amps and anywhere that ultra-low-profile small-footprint stands are wanted
– Maximum Height (legs in Position 4): 25.25 inches
– Minimum Height (legs in Position 1): 14.5 inches


The Triad-Orbit TM, also known as the Triad Mini, is the BEST compact tripod stand ever made! It features 3 adjustable ratcheting legs that can be set to 4 different individual angles to make positioning easy even on nonlevel surfaces. You can set the leg angles hands-free using your foot with the latch and can even stack them or use multiple stands in tight spaces. The reliable, comfortable, industrial-grade height adjustment clutches are extremely strong and the solid metal construction makes for a very stable stand even for heavy microphones! The built-in IO quick-change coupler makes switching out mics a breeze. Just push down on the coupler to release the mounting head and snap it back in to use. It includes the quick-change IO-H1 standard 5/8″ microphone mounting head and a 3/8″ adapter. This is the most professional and advanced miniature tripod stand in world!


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