Triad-Orbit SB-1 Starbird – Extremely Tall Super Heavy-Duty Overhead Microphone Studio Boom Rolling Tripod Stand


– Advanced heavy-duty extremely tall professional tripod stand
– Metal construction for maximum stability, weight and strength
– BoomStop Safety Lock for easy worry free locking of boom arm
– Very strong and comfortable industrial-grade adjustment clutches
– VariBal Counter Ballast System for easy extra fill and adjustment of counter weight
– Stand base, boom swivel and clutch components can retrofit legacy Starbird stands
– Triad Air Force System to assist with lifting and to protect expensive studio equipment
– StarBase Retractable Stand Base made from heavy cast iron with adjustable and lockable rolling legs for easy positioning and storage
– Includes IO-H2 quick-change 5/8″ microphone mounting head and OA ball joint for easy 360 degree positioning
– Base Footprint: 18 to 38 inches
– Boom length: 55 to 98 inches
– Maximum Height: 102 inches
– Minimum Height: 63 inches
– Weight: 66 pounds


The Triad-Orbit Starbird SB-1 studio tripod boom stand is the BEST giant tripod stand ever made! It can reach very tall and very far easily. It features the Triad Air Force System to help self-lift anything to the roof while also protecting expensive studio equipment from accidental damage! It has three adjustable and retractable legs on lockable rolling casters that can be set to different angles to make positioning and storage a breeze. The reliable industrial-grade adjustment clutches are very strong and the metal construction makes for a very stable stand perfect for the heaviest and tallest work! The built-in IO quick-change coupler makes switching out mics easy and comes with the OA adapter for precise 360 degree positioning. The counterweight is also adjustable and fillable for extra weight if needed and the boom arm has a safety locking pin for no slippage. The Triad-Orbit SB-1 Starbird is the BEST large tripod stand in the world!


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