Triad-Orbit OM Orbit Mini Ball-Swivel Single-Arm Short Boom with Quick-Change Coupler


– Advanced heavy-duty short boom arm great for anything
– Professional boom arm with adjustable reach of 12.2″ to 21.65″
– Solid metal construction for maximum stability, weight and strength
– Extremely strong and comfortable industrial-grade adjustment clutches
– Connects to any Triad-Orbit IO quick-change equipped product for fast setup
– Quiet and smooth ball-swivel mechanism with 360x360x190 degrees of rotation
– Standard IO-H1 quick-change 5/8″ microphone mounting head and 3/8″ adapter included


The Triad-Orbit OM is the best short boom arm ever made! It features a ball-swivel mechanism for precise boom placement allowing for infinite adjustability and 360x360x190 degrees of rotation. The comfortable industrial-grade clutches are incredibly strong and the all metal construction makes holding even the heaviest of microphones easy. The built in IO quick-change coupler also makes switching out mics a breeze. Just push down on the coupler to release the IO-H1 standard 5/8″ microphone mounting head (3/8″ adapter included) and simply snap it back in to use. This is the most advanced professional short boom arm in world!


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