Triad-Orbit M2 / Micro 2 Short-Stem Ball-Swivel Tiny-Boom Microphone Holder


– Works with any Triad-Orbit stand or product
– Strong metal construction holds mics securely
– Short-stem makes it easy to use in tight spaces
– Includes 1/4″ camera adapter and 3/8″ adapter
– Solid swivel-ball housing for precise microphone placements


The Triad-Orbit Micro 2 substantially upgrades any Triad-Orbit product for even more precise placement options! IO quick-change equipped, simply snap the M2 into any Triad-Orbit stand or accessory and easily position mics perfectly and securely even in tight spaces. With its patented industrial-grade Compass Point ball-swivel housing, it makes strong, precise microphone placement fast! It includes an additional T-Knob you can use if you want and a 1/4″ camera adapter and 3/8″ microphone adapter. This is the best tiny-boom in the world for saving time in limited space for exact positioning!


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