Triad-Orbit M1 / Micro 1 Long-Stem Ball-Swivel Mini-Boom Microphone Hanger

$51.00 $40.01

– IO quick-change adapter equipped
– Strong metal construction holds mics securely
– Long-stem makes use with large shock mounts easy
– Solid swivel-ball housing for precise microphone placements
– Works with any Triad-Orbit product and includes 3/8″ adapter


The Triad-Orbit Micro 1 seriously upgrades any Triad-Orbit product! Simply snap the M1 into any Triad-Orbit stand or accessory and easily place even the largest shock-mounted tube mics in the perfect position quickly and securely. For precise microphone placement the orbital ball has full rotation with its patented industrial-grade Glide Path housing. Included is an additional T-Knob you can use if you want and a 3/8″ adapter. This is the best mini-boom arm adapter in the world and made to last!


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