Triad-Orbit M1-R / Micro 1-R Long-Stem Ball-Swivel Retrofittable Microphone Hanger

$51.00 $40.01

– Strong metal construction holds microphones securely
– Greatly increases the accuracy and versatility of any mic stand
– Solid Glide Path ball swivel housing for precise microphone placements
– Long-stem mounting arm ideal for use with large shock mounts and extra reach
– Works with any normal 5/8″ threaded microphone stand and includes a 3/8″ adapter


The Triad-Orbit Micro 1-R significantly upgrades ANY microphone stand! Simply screw the M1-R onto any standard 5/8″ threaded mic stand (3/8″ adapter included) and easily place even the largest shock-mounted tube mics in the perfect position quickly and securely. With its patented industrial-grade Glide Path housing, the orbital ball has full rotation for precise mic placement. The entire unit is made of metal and built to last forever. This is the BEST retrofit mini-boom microphone adapter in the world!


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