Kelly SHU Composite – Bass Drum Kick Microphone Shock-Mount Isolation System


– Strong and durable
– No drilling necessary
– Works with any microphone
– Saves time and space with no mic stand needed
– Internal or external bass drum microphone shock-mount
– Bass drum kick mic shock-mount system for professional sound


The BEST kick drum bass microphone shock-mount isolation system for the price worldwide! It comes with everything you need for that awesome professional sound you want every time. The microphone stays in the place during travel and remains in the same sweet spot for every show and set-up! It can be used internally or externally and installs easily using existing drum hardware with no drilling required! No mic stand needed will save valuable space on stage or in the studio and will save a lot of time during set-up and tear-down too. Always get a full, clean and isolated bass drum signal for the best sound. This is the BEST priced kick drum microphone shock-mount isolation system in the world!


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