EV Electro-Voice Dynamic Super Cardioid, Push vocals, Large-diaphragm, with Vocal presence emphasis switch Microphone – ND96


The ND96 features an innovative capsule shock-mount
system consisting of a 4-point suspension around the
circumference of the capsule combined with a tuned
pneumatic pump at the capsule base, offering superior
handling noise reduction to eliminate mechanical
vibrations and noise in the mix.
The ND96 capsule uses a humbucking coil that
attenuates AC hum and electromagnetic interference.
ND dynamic mics can be used with confidence near
speaker cabinets and EMF generating equipment


Dynamic super cardioid vocal microphone

  • Push vocals through the mix
    Structural and acoustical functions allow the signal to be pushed through incredibly loud ambient volumes without risking feedback
  • Large-diaphragm dynamic capsule
    Creates a rich and detailed frequency response
  • Vocal presence emphasis switch
    A selectable voice presence booster reduces certain low-mid frequency areas and emphasizes key upper-midrange vocal presence areas for a more profound vocal edge when driving the voice higher in the mix
  • Shock-mounted capsule minimizes handling noise
    Low frequency bumps and thumps won’t get into the PA
  • Humbucking coil guards against line hum
    Use with confidence near speaker cabinets and EMF-generating equipment racks
  • Memraflex grille resists denting
    Durable tight-mesh grilles withstand extraordinarily rough treatment

The ND96 is a robust, high-performance, large-diaphragm dynamic supercardioid vocal microphone. Designed for excellent acoustic control on very loud stages, the ND96’s special structural and acoustical designs create performance characteristics allowing the microphone’s gain before feedback in a mix to be significantly louder than most microphones.

Connector Type                                                          3-pin XLR
Height                                                                             6.69″ (170mm)
Weight Net                                                                   11.39oz (323g)
Shipping Weight                                                        21.2oz (601g)
Family                                                                            ND Series
Impedance, Low-Z balanced                                350Ω
Open Circuit Voltage                                               3.3mV/Pascal
Case Material                                                              Die cast zinc
Finish                                                                              Black polyurethane paint
Power Requirement                                                 Passive
Audio Frequency Response                                  140 – 15,000
Maximum                                                                     SPL > 140dB
Polar Pattern                                                              Super cardioid
Wired/Wireless                                                           Wired
Mic Type                                                                       Handheld
Diameter (Max)                                                         1.99″ (50.5mm)
Element                                                                       Dynamic

ND96 Engineering Data Sheet


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